Graphic Design

Two Robbers is one of the fastest growing craft beverage startups in the country and branching out into Happy Coffee, Fishtown Taproom, and other various fun projects. The focus with Two Robbers goes beyond making a top of the line beverage. It’s a community for creativity, art and converstion. The brand focuses on incorporating different art styles ranging from photography, videography, design, comic books, and way more.

What started as a freelance photogrphy project back in January of 2020, turned into a full time design gig with the team over a year later.

Working with the art director and the co-founder, we work together to bring the best of contemporary designs and work. As a team, we focus on branding strategies, such as posters, events, social media content. In addition, we find new ways for advertising which include creating comic books, pop-ups, cars, merch and events. During my time with the company, I’m able to expand my knowledge on animation, photo retouching, branding and much more.

Creative Direction
Brand Identity

FullTilt Labs is an upcoming cannabis cultivation company. The first task of this project was to come up with a logo and chip away at a brand identity behind the scenes. Similar to your craft beer, FullTilt Labs aims to produce the equivalent of craft cannabis. The brand wants to focus on giving off a “premium” feel to its name, while keeping it cool and hip.

After the logo was established, the next focus was to create a placeholder website and some merch. Since this is a field I’m not familiar in, a lot of time has gone into researching already well established cannabis brands. My knowledge of the alcohol industry allows me to bring in some valuable information about marketing as well. One idea was to create apparel that will seperate them from its competitors.

This is an ongoing freelance project, with more exciting design projects to come!

Snowboard Design
Social Media︎︎︎︎︎︎

Elevated Surfcraft is a snowboard company based in Mammoth, California. What makes these snowboards unique is the inspiration the shapes take from surfing. (I can go on and on about the significance and designs of these shapes).
The main focus while at Elevated Surfcraft was to work on new graphics and new snowboard shapes. The process was to get the snowboard dimmensions and shape and transition it into Illustrator. The previous boards already had an existing design identity surrounded by simplicity and colors so I had to tie in the new graphics with the old.

The color pallete was combined with the name of the boards. For example: Whiskey Jack was named after the bird, using its colors we came up with the color scheme for the board to match its name.

Following this, the next tasks were to create a social media campaign to engage individuals in the shapes of the boards. This was solved by creating a campaign to teach followers what makes these boards different than regular boards.

I worked closely with Aaron (the founder) and we discuss different ideas that will bring success. Sometimes I’m given the free hand for creativity, other times we have a vision of what we want to create.

Link to PDF of the 2021 Lookbook︎︎︎

Art Direction

An experimental apparel design project. The purpose was to study and experiment with different design styles, mediums and ideas, while tying it all together through apparel.

The problem I wanted to solve was mixing fashion with art. This was done by studying contemporary fashion and design trends. I wanted to take something that feels familiar and make it unfamiliar. This was communicated using video, photography, posters, and anything in between.

The idea was to create a brand, release a few drops, and interact with other artists. This was split into different projects. 97 Labs did a photoshoot for Oklahoma Smokes. This also led to becoming a sponsor of Freedom NJ. (Freedom NJ is a non-profit organization that provides an indoor place to skate during the NJ winters).

The Instagram campaign drew a lot of attention and positivity and grew to 600+ followers. The apparel that was created was shippede throughout the US, Canada, Poland and Netherlands. Apart from creating various design concepts for apparel, I created a series of posters with the objective to questioning reality. This was inspired mainly by René Magritte’s The Treachery of Images.

This project is always evolving and transitioning.

Book Design

130 Pages
8x10 Inches

PDF of full book︎︎︎

Beyond Winter. is a 4 month long project that emphasizes the influence of traveling. It is a documentation of my 2020-2021 winter season. The idea was to capture the moments that were simply inspired by snowboarding (or skiing).

To simply put it, this is the progression of the journey my friends and I had on and off the mountain. As a result, the photographs captured the experiences of our winter, collectively. The pursue for our passion as snowboarders or skiers or whatever it may be, brought us all together to create experiences that cannot be recreated.

On a more profound meaning, Beyond Winter. was a way to show how photography slows down each moment in time. One shot captures a memory; it captures time. The project was completed by organizing these photographs to tell a story. Next, I was able to have my friends write their own thoughs and share their own experiences and hear their own stories.

Special thanks to Two Robbers and Elevated Surfcraft for their support during this project.

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