This is the work of Pawel Bednarski (aka Pawlisko). Currently, Pawel is a Designer at Two Robbers. He graduated The College of New Jersey with a B.F.A in Graphic Design. These are his thoughts, ideas and professional work. His projects range from book design, motion graphics, social media campaigns, infographics and anything in between. His goal is to keep expanding his knowledge and skills in the design field as much as possible.

Two Robbers is one of the fastest growing craft beverage startups in the country and branching out into Happy Coffee. The focus with Two Robbers goes beyond making a top of the line beverage. It’s a community for creativity, art and converstion. The company focuses on interacting with different creatives whether they are musicians, photographers, artists and athletes. 

What started as a freelance photogrphy project back in January of 2020, turned into a full time design gig with the team over a year later. 

Working with the creative director and the co-founder, we work together to bring the best and contemporary designs and work. The work ranges from event posters, to Instagram content, to advertising, product design and everything in between. 

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Before and After.
Original photographs by Jesse Zhou,
Artwork by Alexis Ziritt and Stephen Graham.

Two Robbers x Shake Shack
Shake Shack started carrying Grapefruit Kiwi by Two Robbers. These are window posters for Shake Shack, advertising the new partnership. 
Photography by Ian Shiver. Can design by Jonny Mowat.

Fruit Punch Branding.
Various types of projects for the Fruit Punch Launch Events.
Pictured above: Keg collars, Photo Banner, Table Tents.
Original Fruit Punch by Jonny Mowat.

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