This is the work of Pawel Bednarski (aka Pawlisko). Pawel is a graduate of The College of New Jersey with a B.F.A in Graphic Design. These are his thoughts, ideas and professional work. His work can be abstracted while exploring through different design themes and solutions. His projects range from book design, motion graphics, social media design, infographics and anything in between. His goal is to keep expanding his knowledge and skills in the design field as much as possible.


From Snowboarding to Design  is a project inspired by David Carson. His grundge technique goes hand in hand with the retro snowboard culture and I thought this was a great way to experiment with breaking the grid. 

While exploring with different ideas, I developed my own hand written typeface and matched it with vector scribbles to give off an edgy vibe. The photographs chosen for this project were captured anywhere from 2015 to 2020 and they represent how my composition evolved and my style of design and photography.

In short, this project is a 20 page ‘zine about my story of how snowboarding influenced me to pursue design as a career. 

©Pawlisko 2021