From Snowboarding to Design

Grids and Layouts

My biggest passion, outside of design, is snowboarding. I was fortunate enough that my parents were able to afford for me to learn a sport such as snowboarding. Now, it’s something I look forward to every winter. 

Every time I go on a snowboarding trip, I bring my camera and photograph the experience. It’s all just for fun, just to reminisce in the future. After learning about Josef Muller-Brockmann and his pioneering for grids and how to break them, I decided to give this philosophy a try myself. I created a 4x8 grid and broke its boundaries. I wrote a story to explain my passion for the sport of snowboarding. Realizing that breaking the grid outputs a crazy design, I took it to another level. Scribbled throughout the pages, created my own typeface and wrote over the pictures. It’s supposed to be grungy, just like the snowboarding.

Magazine printed with the help of Blurb.

Photography, Design, Typography
March 2020
Link to full PDF of Book.

2021 © Pawel Bednarski