97 Labs
March 2020 - July 2021
An experimental apparel design project. The purpose was to study and experiment with different design styles, mediums and ideas, while tying it all together through apparel.

The problem I wanted to solve was mixing fashion with art. This was done by studying contemporary fashion and design trends. I wanted to take something that feels familiar and make it unfamiliar. This was communicated using video, photography, posters, and anything in between.

The idea was to create a brand, release a few drops, and interact with other artists. This was split into different projects. 97 Labs did a photoshoot for Oklahoma Smokes. This also led to becoming a sponsor of Freedom NJ. (Freedom NJ is a non-profit organization that provides an indoor place to skate during the NJ winters).

The Instagram campaign drew a lot of attention and positivity and grew to 600+ followers. The apparel that was created was shippede throughout the US, Canada, Poland and Netherlands. Apart from creating various design concepts for apparel, I created a series of posters with the objective to questioning reality. This was inspired mainly by René Magritte’s The Treachery of Images. 

Project No. 001 - 9798 Club
A collaboration with my friends from Poland (Born between 1997 and 1998). The abstracted faces represent each one of us (Domuard, Janol Antris, Bolo and me). The 9798 Camera Club is our “organization” since we all study photography and composition

Project No. 002 - Design Labs Tote
(featuring Oklahoma Smokes)
“A bag for all your stuff.” This was an attempt to take on modern fashion trends; tote bag. From my research, a tote bag resembles a canvas. The solution was to create a tote that unifies typography with imagery. The direction was to portray the key items that go into a tote bag. (Chess set, Oklahoma Smokes, Field Notes, pins). Partnered with Oklahoma Smokes to show the importance of tote bags.

Project No. 003 - Spectrum of Inspiration
This is a campaign for the Spectrum of Inspiration hoodie. For this ad, I portrayed the hoodie in different scenarios. The poster was designed to symbolize the spectrum. This idea was sparked by a matrix, showing off 2d and 3d vectors. The hoodie design was inspired by the colors from the Bauhaus movement. We’re all in the Spectrum of Inspiration.

Project No. 004 - Push Wood Not People
(Part of becoming a sponsor for FreedomNJ)

Teaming up with my buddy Coleman, we wanted to pay tribute to his idea of sponsoring a local indoor skatepark in Trenton, NJ. We came up with a shirt illustration and a positive message for all during the struggles 2020 brought upon everyone. The idea behind the flower was a symbolism for nature. To unify this, “Push Wood, Not People,” was a symbol for pushing a skateboard and not each other.

Project No. 005 - New Year, Same Bullshit
This shirt was inspired by the new 97 Labs logo. The idea was to show off the logo on a tee with playful message. To elaborate; this was an idea that I relate to personally. Each year flies by and each year feels the same, however there’s a lot to enjoy with each coming year, month and day (if you look at the positives). I wanted to take a simpler approach for this tee design and follow it up with enjoyable
themes for the ads.

Inbetween Projects  - Various Posters
Projects to continue engaging with followers inbetween drops. Focusing on enhancing our minds and perception. This was centered around exploring visual solutions, trying out new identities. Also created a mock chess club and interacted with the followers.