This is the work of Pawel Bednarski (aka Pawlisko). Currently, Pawel is a Designer at Two Robbers. He graduated The College of New Jersey with a B.F.A in Graphic Design. These are his thoughts, ideas and professional work. His projects range from book design, motion graphics, social media campaigns, infographics and anything in between. His goal is to keep expanding his knowledge and skills in the design field as much as possible.


Polskie Plakaty
November 2019 (Revised 2021)
Visual Identity, Branding, Motion Graphics

Polskie Plakaty is a branding model for a made up design exhibition, featuring the Polish School of Posters. This was a project to expand my knowledge on the branding aspect of design and create an exhibition I am passionate about. 

After developing my personal skills, I went back to rework this project, and take it to the next level by including motion design and furthering the identity I created originally. 
The idea behind this branding was to use abstracted shapes, colors, and negative space to draw the eye and create hierarchy. This was to illustrate the vibe that these designers used for their own work. Just like the Polish Posters, these shapes are based on freeform and jagged lines. This is in essence a tribute to designers that inspire me. 

©Pawlisko 2021