Polskie Plakaty

Branding Project

Being born in Poland, my favorite design movement is the Polish School of Posters. Call me biased but I love all the works from the 1950 - 1980's in Poland. Polish School of Posters was a very abstracted idea. It started with artists being commissioned to create advertising posters for Cabarets, Musicals, and Films. These artists were given the free hand to express themselves to convey the message. I created an Exhibition branding for these Polish Posters which will be held at MoMA.

My idea with the branding was to make everything abstracted, just like the Polish School of Posters, hence the funky shapes. I hand drew the lettering for the logo because most of the type was hand drawn in the original posters. I took a lot of inspiration from the most prominent designer in Poland; Henryk Tomaszewski. I was able to buy a book with all of his work while visiting the Poster Museum in Warsaw. His ide0logy and craftsmanship really inspired me to take this project in this direction.

Branding, Typography, Motion Graphics
2019 - 2021

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