Hole in One

December 2020 - January 2021

This project started as a Javascript assignment. We had to create a simple Javascript game using p5.js. The dots are randomly generated each time a new game is played.

Going forward, I thought of this assignment as a prototype for an app. Take this and create it into a simple, yet addicting game for all users. The direction of this project was to keep it simple. From a user experience perspective, the game had to be easy to learn, meaning anyone from children to adults can pick it up.

I studied user experiences on my family and friends. I tried out a few games that caught my eye from a design perspective and told my mom and a few friends to play. I took notes on how various ages interacted with these games on a mobile device.

From a Javascript prototype, I went along to create a user interface that will be suitable from most, if not all.

Scope - 

Product design
Design research
Motion graphics

Tools -

After Effects

Game not supported on mobile devices.