Beyond Winter.


Beyond Winter is a 4 month long project I’ve been working on. It is a documentation of our 20-21 winter season. The idea was to capture the moments that were simply inspired by snowboarding (or skiing).

This book is a representation of our journey as a whole; going on road trips, traveling across the US, making ends meet, and everything in between. To simply put it, this is our progression of the journey we had on and off the mountain. As a result, the photographs captured the experiences of our winter, collectively. The pursue for our passion as snowboarders or skiers or whatever it may be, brought us all together to create experiences that will last for quite some time.

Special thanks to Two Robbers and Elevated Surfcraft for their support during this project.

PDF of full book.

35mm Photography, Design, Writing
December 2020 - March 2021
130 Pages
8x10 Inches

2021 © Pawel Bednarski