This is the work of Pawel Bednarski (aka Pawlisko). Currently, Pawel is a Designer at Two Robbers. He graduated The College of New Jersey with a B.F.A in Graphic Design. These are his thoughts, ideas and professional work. His projects range from book design, motion graphics, social media campaigns, infographics and anything in between. His goal is to keep expanding his knowledge and skills in the design field as much as possible.


Beyond Winter.
December 2020 - March 2021
Book Design, Photography, Layouts

130 Pages
8x10 Inches

PDF of full book︎︎︎

Beyond Winter. is a 4 month long project that emphasizes the influence of traveling. It is a documentation of my 2020-2021 winter season. The idea was to capture the moments that were simply inspired by snowboarding (or skiing).

To simply put it, this is the progression of the journey my friends and I had on and off the mountain. As a result, the photographs captured the experiences of our winter, collectively. The pursue for our passion as snowboarders or skiers or whatever it may be, brought us all together to create experiences that cannot be recreated.

On a more profound meaning, Beyond Winter. was a way to show how photography slows down each moment in time. One shot captures a memory; it captures time. The project was completed by organizing these photographs to tell a story. Next, I was able to have my friends write their own thoughs and share their own experiences and hear their own stories.

Special thanks to Two Robbers and Elevated Surfcraft for their support during this project.

©Pawlisko 2021