Elevated Surfcraft

Freelance Graphic Designer

At Elevated Surfcraft, my main task was to create social media content. That part soon turned into helping with all designs. We worked on ads, board profiles for the website, to creating snowboard graphics for the 2021 boards. 

When it comes to create content for Instagram, for example, I have to take in to consideration the user experience of the design. The project has too grab the users attention and create a desire to scroll to the next picture and so on. Creating snowboard graphics focused on creating print files and how they will look printed and blown up.

I work closely with Aaron (the founder) and we discuss different ideas that will bring success. Sometimes I’m given the free hand for creativity, other times we have a vision of what we want to create.

Link to PDF of the 2021 Lookbook.

Board design, Social media content, Advertisments
(All photography provided by Elevated Surfcraft)

April 2020 - Present

2021 © Pawel Bednarski