Roadtrip to Illinois

The Best Adventures are the Ones Never Planned

I think anything can be an adventure as long as you're with the right people.

I think it was a Sunday afternoon and I was at work. Working at a ski shop in the spring/summer can get really boring and slow. Anyway, I check my phone, open snapchat and my friends are talking about coming to Indiana to pick visit Brendon at Purdue this weekend. The plan was for me and Mlody to visit Brendon and then drive to Illinios to meet up with Ethan. Mlody said we can take his grandmas Rav4 and make an 11 hour drive to Purdue. We would leave Friday at like 4am. The thing is that Mlody lives about an hour 30 away from me. The semester was coming to an end and work was slow so of course I wanted to go, these guys are my best friends.

Thursday at about 7pm I left my house to go to Mlody's. We'd take a quick nap and then leave at 4am. I get to his house and the Rav4 is decked out. Mlody took out the back seats and put in cushions in the back, just in case. It was our first time visiting these guys and we didn't know how big their dorms are. If anything we could sleep in the car.

At about 4:30am we got gas and started our 11 hour journey. It was so boring but so much fun. Driving through 2 states with your best friend on a few hours of sleep, what else is better than that?

We survived the drive and made it to Brendon's. We had no plans for the weekend so we decided to drive over to Ethan's. It was the coolest car ride I've been on. I chilled in the back on those cushions. So cozy. We pulled over for a bathroom break, had a little photoshoot. It was fun.

It was raining on the drive to Illinois so I tried setting my tripod in the back to capture the lightning. Not successful.

We made it to Ethan's and that was the first time I've driven through a time zone. We were an hour behind. Pretty freaky how time works.

Anyway, we drank a few beers, played some games and ate pizza. We were gonna drive back to Purdue the next night for a concert. Ethan was coming too.

We wouldn't fit in Ethan's frat house so Mlody came in clutch with the Rav4. Brendon, Mlody and I all slept in the Rav4 parked otuside of Ethan's frat. It was hilarious. We had some left over Taco Bell that we ate for breakfast the next morning.

The concert wasn't until later that night so we had a whole day to kill. We got lunch and literally hung out in the back of the Rav4. We messed around, talked, had a great time honestly. With the right people, sitting in a car could be the best time of your life to be honest. Mlody did a couple handbrake turns and everything was just so funny. 4 guys in a Rav4 with cushions as the back seats.

Of course I was the one who had to drive back since everyone else was tired. I took one for the team though. Mlody had to pee really bad so we pulled over on the side of the road. I think we hung out for like 30 minutes just messing around, posing in the Rav4 and thought we looked so cool. We made it look like we were on an actual roadtrip.

We made it to Brendon's and parked the Rav4 and hung out in the car some more. This whole trip was just a big joke. I loved it.

After the concert we went to the top of a parking garage and hung out. Mlody and I had to leave tomorrow. It was already Saturday night, these 3 days have flew by so quickly. We wanted to stay longer, but we had another 11 hour drive home and I had to come home for class Monday afternoon. We left around 1pm Sunday.

We got home around 4am or so, I slept at Mlody's until 8am. Woke up early to make my drive home since I had class at 12pm. Fortunately I made it and everything that weekend went perfect for all of us. Like I said, anything can be an adventure with the right people. We literally spent most of the weekend driving, but with these guys it was an awesome time. I wanna do it again.