Two Robbers
Hard Seltzer

Two Robbers is a new Hard Seltzer brand out of Philadelphia (which is like 40 minutes away from me). Let me tell you, these people are awesome. I love their product and what they're doing. It's amazing. Anyway, we started talking one day and we agreed that I can take some photos for them and they'll send me some merch and their Hard Seltzer. Now every chance I get, or if I got anywhere, I bring the merch and the seltzer and take some flicks.

Shot on Nikon D7100, Canon AE-1, Nikon L35AF

While talking to these guys, they described my photography as, "lifestyle," and I think that's really accurate.

I try to capture moments that are candid. I feel like posing or telling the subject what to do is unnatural. The way I went about this project was "alright like let's just drink some Two Robbers and I'll just be photographing you guys doing your thing. Let's see what happens."

Shooting these flicks was a lot of fun, there was no pressure. I just followed my own philosphy and I'm really stoked with how these photographs came out. Hopefully there's gonna be more where that came from.