My name is Pawel Bednarski and I am a graphic designer from New Jersey.

My life begins in Poland.

I like to create things, and I think that's been the case my entire life, but what do I know? Seeing my work printed, or someone telling me they like my work is why I love doing this stuff. It makes my work have a purpose. For example, when I get my photos printed, and actually hold them and share them with my friends and family, the feeling is surreal to me for some reason. I want the same feeling with my professional work.

Let's work together.

I've been inspired with the skate and snowboard culture for as long as I remember. Since I was like 10, I tried skating, making my own skate graphics. That led me to making YouTube videos and taking photographs. Eventually, I have discovered graphic design.

My work is characterized by simplicity. I read the Steve Jobs biography in High School and the emphasis that Steve Jobs and Johny Ive had on simplicity stuck with me. Simplicity is what I strive for, however to create something simple is not necessarily easy. With my work, I try to find the balance between simplicity and beauty.

I am a nerd when it comes to organization. Everything in my room has a specific place it belongs in; keys, iPad, wallet, etc. This is why I love creating websites or magazine layouts, the grid systems in both are my absolute favorite. Learning about UX/UI is also something I strive in. Sure an app can look good, but is it efficient? Can a user save 0.04 of a second if the search button was on the bottom rather than the top? Is the hierarchy allow for the user to easily navigate? These are the questions I ask myself when working on projects.

In the end, I think design is fun. I get to use my imagination and creativity while helping others.