Two Robbers Hard Seltzer

Freelance Photography Project

Two Robbers and I have been following each other on Instagram for about a year or so. One time they messaged me regarding my photography and we agreed to work together. I took photographs of their products. 

While talking to these guys, they described my photography as, "lifestyle," and I think that's really accurate. 

I try to capture moments that are candid. I feel like posing or telling the subject what to do is unnatural. The way I went about this project was "alright like let's just drink some Two Robbers and I'll just be photographing you guys doing your thing. Let's see what happens."

Shooting these flicks was a lot of fun, there was no pressure. I just followed my own philosophy and I'm really stoked with how these photographs came out. Hopefully there's gonna be more where that came from.

January 2020

2021 © Pawel Bednarski