Keep on Pushin’

Senior Thesis

Keep On Pushin' is a non-profit organization that collects used skateboards, refurbishes them, and gives them to homeless kids. The way this works is, users are able to donate skateboards, money or volunteer. Once enough skateboards are collected, Keep On Pushin' teams up with local homeless shelters and organizes events at skateparks to give kids skateboards. I even got to make my own typeface which I call Goofy Loops.

Why Skateboarding?

Yes I love the sport, but that's not the only reason why I did this project. Skateboarding is simple, made out of wood which allows skateboards to be easily fixed. Skateboarding doesn't require teams, referees, rules, unlike other sports. Skateboarding is for anyone and growing in popularity. For example, skateboarding will become an Olympic sport during the 2020 Olympics for the first time ever. There are videos all over the web of disabled people, amputees, men, boys, women, everyone, skateboarding. Throughout my research, I also found out that skateboarding has mental health benefits. So yes I love skateboarding, but this project is much bigger than my love for the sport.

For this project, I wanted the identity to be playful to symbolize it's for kids. I created Travis the Bear which functions as a mascot. I based the project in my county because I'm most familiar with it and there's many skateparks nearby. I would love to discuss more about this project, so feel free to ask me anything.


Travis is a skateboarding bear. Why a bear? I figured that a bear or a teddy bear is something that kids are associated with. In my case, maybe some kids never had a teddy bear, but now they have Travis the Bear.

Travis will function as a secondary logo. It will be easy for kids to spot and recognize and associate Travis with this organization. I wanted Travis to be a fun character to tie up the whole project.

Travis was hand drawn first then using Affinity Designer on my iPad, I turned Travis into a vector. The same process was done with the skateboard.

Brand Identity, Art Direction, Graphics, UX/UI
Spring 2020

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