Dec Construction, Inc

Freelance Graphic Design

Dec is a local construction firm, specializing in roofing, siding, remodeling and more. I worked for them in two separate occasions.

The first project I worked on was to create an informational brochure for the company, a business letter format and a roofing flyer. The flyer was distributed around houses in the Mercer County region. 

My next project for Dec was to create a chimney advertisement. Dec wanted to show before and after pictures of their work and I was tasked with creating a visually appealing poster. 

In these projects, I focused heavily on the visual hierarchy. I had to make sure to do a good job directing the viewers attention. All in all I enjoyed working on these projects with Dec.

Design and Layouts.
(Photography provided by Dec)

2019 and 2021

2021 © Pawel Bednarski