9798 Club

The original idea started in Poland in 2015 with my best friend Janol. We wanted to express our creativity, mainly our photos. We made a Tumblr and called it IndefiniteFate. Suprisingly, we ended up getting over 1,500 followers that summer. We soon lost interest in that project as we had other stuff to worry about.

Ever since 2015, we always wanted to get back to sharing our content and make something cool. Fast forward to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we found more time to brainstorm ideas and create a new version of IndefiniteFate with our other friend Domurad.

Essentially, the 9798 Club is going to be our own "Art Club". Here we can write about our ideas, works, create our projects, shirts, zine's. We will share our photography and most importatnly just have fun. We all have the skills to create something cool.

This project is made possible thanks to:
Janol, Domurad, Cudak, Bolo, Ryan, Coleman, and Antris

Here is what we came up with. We came up with the name collectively, and I made all the graphics, website, logo, etc.

What I did

Logo, Website, Promos for Instagram, etc


Full project can be viewed on our website or our Instagram.