97 Labs

Art Direction 

97 Labs is an experimental design movement. Started during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the purpose was to stay create and stay experimenting with different design styles and ideas. That soon turned into making and printing shirts. It escalated into hoodie designs and creating custom tags. I asked my friend to help out and explore his different ideas.

Another cool aspect of this project was the fact that we were able to collaborate with other creatives. We did a photoshoot for Oklahoma Smokes. We also became a sponsor of Freedom NJ. Freedom NJ is a non-profit organization that provides an indoor place to skate during the NJ winters. The hoodies I designed were sold all over the world. Netherlands, Canada, and Kentucky. Very awesome feeling to start with nothing and create something. The entire project can be found on Instagram.

Art Direction, Photography, Design

March 2020 - Present

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